I Wanna Go Back
Jean H - Ooltewah, TN

Many years ago my husband, our new born son took a trip of a lifetime to Hilton Head and have always wanted to return. Our child who was born as a special needs child which is autism came to this world to teach us and others how to love and accept differences. During this trip, we met with our infertility physician who had left Tennessee prior to our son being born. He just knew I was going to have a girl and what a surprise he had when he saw our son. Such pleasant memories that will last a lifetime and one which I wish I could enjoy again. Life has not been easy for our family like many others but the peace and serenity of Hilton Head brought our focus to positive thoughts. At present, my husband has been diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease and any vacation time we ever have is a medical trip to the Mayo Clinic; because they are attempting to extend his lifespan with positive medical intervention. A vacation? I don't know what that is anymore, but know that I must take care of him and use his vacation time for travel to the clinic. I dream of a real vacation and if it's meant to be it will be provided. Hilton Head is a place like 'heaven' on earth and I know would bring joy to the hearts of us all. God bless you all as you make your choice of the one who is most deserving of this awesome opportunity. Thank you~

The Only Place I Can Relax
Ann C - Atlanta, GA

I have a very hard time relaxing - practically impossible. But ... there's just something about Hilton Head that takes me away from everything else in the world. 

The sound of the ocean, breezes, and birds is the perfect combination to help me escape from the stresses of everyday life. Aaaaaah.

Escape to the Beach
Carole S - Bythewood, SC

Escape to the Beach
E experience the tranquility of warm sun and flowing ocean
S See the seas and the dolphins jumping
C Catch on me for me
A Always rewading
P Peace and tranqulity of leaving stress of daily life at home
E Energy to return to what you left behind

The first of many MEMORIES
Jennifer M - Lancaster, KY

I was a recent divorced mom. My son had never seen the ocean. My mom had not either. 

Being recently divorced I wasnt sure how I was going to afford the vacation. But I worked really hard to make it happen. I even I had a close friend that wanted to go also, so we split the trip. Made it so much more better!

My mom and I have had a rocky relationship because she had been an alcoholic for most of my teen years. This was the first year mom had been sober and healthy. I took her with me to see God's Beautiful creation. That is my best way of describing the beach. There is so much purity and safeness about it. 

It was the best trip of my life. Having been years since I had been on a vacation but to add the first memories of the greatest thing in the world with two of the most important people in my life. We shed lots of tears on that beach rekindling now what is the most amazing mother daughter relationship one could have. Not only that, my son and I had time to really talk about how our new life was going to start on our own. It could not have been written out better. We havent been back since, but I would love to be able to return. That trip changed our lives. PRICELESS!

Heaven on Earth
Barb M - Cambridge, Ontario

My first vacation in HH, It was a lovely experience. beautiful clean condo, could not of ask for anything better, beautiful view of the ocean..awesome bike rides on the beach..I really cant say enough good things about this beautiful island home...heaven on earth...

A Break from Reality
Loletta S - Nashville, TN

Our Daughter Shelby was Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It devastated us and her, I worked then came home to educate myself on everything diabetes..It took a toll on me and the family.. We began to drift in our relationship, I was so consumed about trying to fix my kid, knowing I couldn't, I became addicted to diabetes website..

My husband said ENOUGH..and My husband surprised me and Shelby with a vacation in Hilton Head. We got to breathe and enjoy our time together and just be normal, since then I still read up on the latest studies and info , but I also relax and enjoy my family!!!

Hilton Head Hospital
Donna B - Hyde Park, NY

I visited Hilton Head Island in November at stayed at the Marriott resort. This place was awesome and had everything anyone could possibly need for a fun filled week! My parents live in Sun City and I combined my vacation in Hilton Head with a family reunion over Thanksgiving so we could all eat dinner together and make more memories!! Little did I know - I would end up in a hospital emergency room the night before Thanksgiving!

Our family went to a buffet and I decided to try some sushi and oysters - since I have always loved seafood and what better place is there than by the ocean? About 20 minutes into our dinner I knew I was in serious trouble. I felt my mouth swell, my face became itchy and my throat felt tight. One of my family members drove me to the nearest ER - which was Hilton Head Hospital.

First of all, it is very scary to have an allergic reaction of any kind and worse when you are away from home and in a strange place. I was given the very best care and treatment at Hilton Head hospital. The nurse who cared for me knew exactly what needed to be done - and was actually prepping me for the intravenous line while the clerk was taking my information, as not to have a delay in treatment for a very urgent matter. She made sure the ER MD was aware of my condition and got the orders to begin the IV medications right away. Within an hour I was feeling like myself again. The ER MD told me that this reaction could have 'done me in' if I had not come to the hospital when I did. I thank the staff at this hospital everyday for their prompt treatment and knowledge. I know that it is considered 'all in a day's work' by some as I am an RN myself - but it is a very different thing to be on the other side of the fence. I want to give a big shout out and 'thank you' to the staff at Hilton Head Hospital ER for being so in tune with the needs of their patients. 

I would love to visit Hilton Head again in the near future and enjoy the beauty and serenity that this island has to offer!!

Laura M - Avon, OH

I booked a trip to HHI for my family, my husband, kids and my mother and her husband. We were all excited about taking a vacation together, which we never did before. My mother passed away on July 10th unexpectedly of a massive heart attack. Our vacation was planned for August. All of us were in shock and as you can imagine, very sad. We decided to go ahead and take our vacation as planned. We spent the time together with my mom's husband and it was a week of healing. Although it was such a sad time in our life, the beautiful, peaceful island of Hilton Head provided the setting for us to begin our healing process and for us to grow stronger as a family. We will all remember that year in Hilton Head forever. Hilton Head holds a special place in our heart. Thank you.

Life after Death
Duane G - Seneca, SC

In 1998,I was in a fatal car crash,which took over ten months to get over. In May of 2018,I was released to return to work and the worst of all things that could happen, did, my kidneys shut down, so instead of my trip back to work, it was indeed a trip to the ER, in Greenville SC. I had endstage renal failure,the life that I was lived, was stuffed out and my new life living on a machine begin, three days a week, four hours a day. It was indeed the closest thing to dying, to have your life cleaned by a machine and your whole world turned upside down. 

After many months of treatment and watching people die, I just had to get away, but how and where? They told me I could take treatments anywhere that had a center, so my first search was Hilton Head, or as I use to call it, God's gift to man, well no luck finding a clinic there, so I searched Beaufort and there was my chance for a long overdue vacation, they could treat me, as long as I had a way to the clinic. Now to find that perfect place to stay and it was only a phone call away, to a wonderful lady who's name was Mary Flood, that had a few condos there at Hilton Head. 

Not only did I find life on my stay, I did it with my new wife of 5 months, it was our last vacation, on June 13,which was on a Friday, I could no longer sit and watch people die, getting their treatments, so I quit taking mine to get away from it all, but by the grace of God, on the same day, I received a call from the Transplant Hospital, they had found me a new kidney and it was on it's way from Texas. It was indeed the 'Gift of Life' for me, it's been eleven years now,and so far so good,another life that lives inside me still going strong.

Annette E - Jefferson City, TN

My precious granddaughter Hadley has a serious metabolic disease (PKU). We have to be so careful of what she does and eats so we went to HHI because we could cook and she could play. Her eyes saw the ocean for the first time and ran toward the water yelling "FISH". (smile) She started each morning knocking on the condo door saying, "Me go....FISH", at the top of her little sweet voice. I was so happy to see her enjoyment and know we could let her play and not worry!

Linda P - Anderson, SC

If you ask anyone why they love Hilton Head, the typical response will be, the endless natural beauty of the beach. Here, you will find a natural and undisturbed place to relax, meditate, and bask in it's vastness.

My favorite memory is on the morning of September 10, 2009. I got up early and took a walk along the shore at front beach. There were only a few people who were sipping their coffee on a make-shift chair. The temperature was in the low 60's and a light weight jacket was required. As my walk turned into a run, I noticed a fin in the water keeping my same pace. I stopped and made a soft whistle sound and a friendly dolphin raised it's sweet face and looked directly at me. This sweet creature followed me during my entire run. I realized through this experience that Hilton Head awaits each visitor with arms of nature that hug your every need and assure your frowns will be turned upside down. 

Hilton Head is one of the true vacation spots to bring you back to a place of peace.

Beth B - Paducah, KY

Our vacation was planned the fall of 2010, and we were looking forward to time away with our entire family: My parents, 4 siblings and their families, my grandmother and our family of 5. However, in January of 2011, our son, 9, after a long battle of chronic illness passed away. Going on a trip afterward, especially to the beach-his favorite place, was difficult. Also, we'd never been to Hilton Head before, and experiencing somewhere new without him tore at my heart as well.

We arrived with the family in Hilton Head to the most amazing oceanfront house. It was beautiful. The sound of the waves always soothes the soul. 

Our time there with family was joyous, togetherness, and peaceful. The island has everything, but you feel as though you are the only ones there. During that time, I was able to write and journal memories with our son, and also enjoy new memories made with our two beautiful girls and the rest of our family.

There are some moments in life that even going to a beautiful place for a vacation is difficult to do...but going and finding that peace was the biggest blessing.

Girls Week
Karen R - Lima, OH

My mother's best friend has a time share in Hilton Head. She, her daughter, daughter-in-law invited my mother, my sister, my sister-in-law and I along for a week long vacation. We had a BLAST. Everyday was to the beach, I saw my first dolphins swimming by. We kayaked again seeing dolphins. We read books on the beach, we had great dinners and shopping. We just had a grand old time. 

This trip was expecially awesome for me and well needed because I was going through a problem. My husband and I had been trying to conceive after 3 years it was not happening and I was at my ropes end. He and I needed this break to gather ourselves. I was able to take my mind off things and enjoy myself. It was a magical vacation letting me regroup and realize I need to breath again. I have not been back and my husband and I and our 5 year old son are going on vacation this August and torn between Hilton Head and Savanah GA.

Special Memories
Colleen Ginsburg - Finleyville, PA

My family started coming to Hilton Head about 25 years ago. We always stay on North Forest Beach. It has always felt like home to us. Everyone on the island is very friendly and helpful. They make you feel like a part of the island community and not a visitor.

My parents always made our vacations special for my brother and I. They always made sure we had a summer vacation at the beach. No matter what, we knew we were going away every summer. My brother, Chuckie, loved the ocean and riding his surf board, kayaking, catamaraning and trying new things. 

My brother's last vacation to Hilton Head was in June of 1996 as he passed away in March of 1997. It was a devastating time for all of us and our annual vacation to Hilton Head was soon approaching. We had decided we were not going to go that year due to our devastating loss. After speaking with family and friends, they convinced us that Chuckie would have wanted us to be at his favorite place, Hilton Head Island, hitting the waves, putting our feet in the sand and relaxing on the beach. It was absolutely not the same without him but we spent much time remembering the times we spent there with him and collected some sand and ocean water to bring home to him. To this day, the bottles of sand and water sits on my mantle next to his picture.

We have continued to vacation on the island every year and will continue to do so. Now, I have 3 girls and my husband and I vacation with my parents there every year. We have created special memories every year with family, friends and our beach families that we have made. When you are on Hilton Head Island everything just feels like home. There is something for everyone to do there whether young or old. Every year we find new places to go and things to do. This year, we had a photographer come and take pictures of my father and my three girls for his 70th birthday. We also captured some great pictures of my mom with the girls as well. A great time was had by all.

The island continues to grow and develop every year but the home-like feeling never changes. That is why Hilton Head Island holds special memories for me and my family. We hope our three girls will continue the tradition of family beach vacations in Hilton Head so that they can make special memories with their families when the time comes.

Peaceful Beaches
Michael J - Vienna, WV

Our morning would start at 6am with coffee on the beach and then a long walk at low tide. Watching the sun come up has mystical powers that made another day on the beach priceless.

Walking along listening to the surf, feeling the soft sand on your feet, the cool breezes that blow, made us feel blessed that we had entire week to forget about work, and just relax.

The weather at that time of the year was near perfect. The water temperature was just right for an early morning swim. This is what vacations are all about. Slowing down, just enjoying your surroundings.